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Primary Health Care and Resource Center is a historic and model community health center located in Chapagaun Village Development Committee of Lalitpur District. The center serves about fifty thousand poor and middle class people from twelve rural and semi urban communities in south Lalitpur. It provides integrated essential primary health care services. United Mission to Nepal (UMN) established the Chapagaun Teaching Health Post in 1972 and started some pioneering works. In July 2004, UMN handed over the health post to the local government, which is now governed by a local management committee, with an operational management overseen by SHANTI Nepal. The center is a model for the Public/Private NGO Partnership strategy of the government of Nepal. The teaching health post has been upgraded to a health center and has allowed for significant improvement and expansion of health and training programs.































PHCRC Services


PHCRC strives to improve access to quality essential primary health care services to the poor and marginalized communities in the catchment areas. There are three main strategies:


       [a] Center-Based Health Service

       [b] Community Based Services

       [c] Training Programs





  1. General Medical Services


The health center provides essential general health services including outpatient, in-patient and basic emergency services. The health center strives to provide affordable health care and medicines through a community health insurance scheme. This model of a health-financing scheme could be implemented for the whole country.


  1. Maternal & Child Health Care


One of the main elements of the center is in providing quality health care for mothers and children to address their health needs in the community. The services provided include antenatal and postnatal services to women, a low cost community birthing center, a clinic for children under-five and provision of vaccinations to children and women.


  1. Community Nutrition services


Malnutrition is one of the key health problems among children under-five. The center runs a pioneering nutrition program including teaching and home based rehabilitation. It is the first Nutrition Rehabilitation Center in Nepal to improve the nutrition status of children in the catchment area.


  1.            Mental and Oral Health Services


Both Mental and Oral Health services are generally not incorporated in public health services in Nepal. These essential components of primary health care are also being provided by the center.



  1. Tuberculosis Control Services


Tuberculosis remains one of the major public health problems in Nepal and within Lalitpur district. The center runs an effective detection program and provides treatment of people living with tuberculosis.




  1. School Health Programs


The center has been collaborating with numbers of local schools to conduct school health activities, that include; reproductive health awareness, environmental sanitation, mid-day lunch monitoring and health related extracurricular activities.


  1. Community Health Awareness

Various activities are organized to raise health awareness in rural communities. These are organized in schools, community groups and community centers on specific health issues.



  1. Community Groups Mobilization

Training is provided for groups of community volunteers (mainly women) in specific areas of health. These groups are then mobilized to promote health awareness and health services and can provide basic services including referral. These volunteers include the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA), Female Health Volunteers (FHV), schoolteachers and students.




The PHCRC Center is a model throughout Nepal, not only for the delivery of essential quality primary health care services but also for its management structure and working environment. The center provides teaching and learning opportunities that are facilitated by the experienced and gifted staff of the center. The center regularly conducts the following training activities:

   [1] Pre-service clinical and community placements for medical and nursing students

   [2] Tailor made training to the NGOs and CBOs

   [3] Consultancy services on heath care management and organizational development

   [4] Management orientation for visitors from national and international organizations

   [5] Volunteering placement for abroad students and professionals




Departmentalization of Program (Effective from FY 2065/66)

Rounded Rectangle: Health Services
Rounded Rectangle: Management, Administration and Training Rounded Rectangle: General AdministrationRounded Rectangle: Liaison and NetworkingRounded Rectangle: General Medical Program Rounded Rectangle: MCH and Nursing Rounded Rectangle: Community Health Rounded Rectangle: Health Center SupportRounded Rectangle: TrainingRounded Rectangle: o	Medical Support Rounded Rectangle: Medical DisasterRounded Rectangle: Finance