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CHEP III is a community-based project that aims to improve the health status and livelihoods of poor and marginalized communities. The project focuses on improving livelihoods among four ultra-poor ethnic communities, the Chepangs, Dalits, Kumals, and Tamangs, as well as among people with disabilities. CHEP III is the continuation and expansion of the Integrated Primary Health Care Project (IPHCP), the first outreach project of Shanti Nepal, started in July 2005. The current three-year project (2015-2017) covers a total of 21 Village Development Committees (VDCs) and six wards of Neelkantha Municipality in Dhading. The project area has been expanded from the southern to the central and northern parts of the districts as far as the border with Tibet. The project serves about 33,000 households and 158,000 people, empowering them to undertake basic development activities and improving their access to primary health care services, sanitation and safe drinking water facilities. Shanti Nepal runs this project in partnership with the local government and non-governmental organizations.  


Key Activities


i.  Raising awareness on health issues in families and community groups, with a focus on mother and child health

 ii.  Strengthening local health facilities to deliver accessible quality primary care

iii.  Empowering and mobilizing local Community Development and Mothers' Groups

iv.  Promoting nutritional practices

v.  Promoting environmental sanitation and safe drinking water

vi  Supporting local income generation