Strengthening Primary Health Care and Resource Centre (SPHCRC)

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Strengthening Primary Health Care and Resource Centre (SPHCRC)

Primary Health Care and Resource Centre (PHCRC), established in 2005, provides comprehensive primary medical care to people in its surrounding community without discrimination. The centre is a model in the country, delivering primary health care under community ownership; it shares a strong management partnership with Shanti Nepal. In 2008 Shanti Nepal handed all management responsibly to the local health centre management committee but remain the main partner NGO offering financial support, networking and capacity development support. PHCRC provides quality primary health care and birthing center facilities to poor and lower middle class families and school children through Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI).

Key Activities

i. Maintaining and expanding existing medical services.

ii. Expanding Maternal/Child health services.

iii. Promoting Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI).

iv. Strengthening clinical and managerial staff and management capacity.

v. Repair and maintenance of facilities.