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 The Community Health Clinic is located in the remote community of Namtar in the northwest part of Makwanpur District, about 15 kilometres from the Tribhuvan Highway. It is run in partnership with Prem Sewa Samaj, a local Christian organization which was established in October 2011 with support from Shanti Nepal. Shanti Nepal provides technical and administrative support for the CHC, channels external funding to manage it, and helps to build the management capacity of Prem Sewa Samaj. Because of the remoteness of the location and the poor transportation facilities it is difficult for people in and around the community to access health care. The CHC provides these communities with accessible quality primary health care at a low cost. It serves about 26,000 people from four VDCs, mostly from poor ethnic communities such as Tamangs, Chepangs, and Dalits.

Key Activities

i. Raising awareness of health issues in families and community groups, including improved hygiene, sanitation and health practices that prevent disease.

ii. Providing basic primary health care services at a low cost; including basic emergency and maternity services.

iii. Training and mobilizing local health volunteers